Refurbished Equipment

Mustang Vacuum Systems as a global supplier of PVD solutions routinely has available systems available for sales as used and or refurbished. This includes both PVD and at time supporting hardware such as cleaning lines, handling equipment and supporting products. Below is a short list of available products which change on a regular basis. If you are interested in a specific solution you do not see listed please contact us with your requirements and we are pleased to see if there is something available.

Refurbished – Typically systems original manufactured by Mustang Vacuum Systems that are fully serviced and restored to the original factory performance specifications. These systems are available with factory warranty, installation and a range of support options.

Used Equipment – Typically equipment from a range of vendors that can be set up, reconfigured and serviced. May be available as is or serviced and tested. These may include not PVD systems such as handling equipment and supporting process equipment.


Orion 40 – Refurbished Roll to Roll PVD System

Roll to Roll Substrates 200mm – 500mm wide. Free Span or Drum Architecture Pilot or Production Manufacturing 1-6 front side deposition sources – 0-2 Back Side sources


COLT 4828

Small-batch, Fast-Cycle Sputter Deposition System Optimized coating area – 48” ” Tall x 28” Diameter Dual door with Planetary tooling configuration


Orion 400 Complete

Custom multi deposition zone deposition systems Roll to Roll Substrates 200mm 400mm wide. 7 zone deposition with Configurable Sources