Solar Applications: Buffer Layer

Let Mustang help you achieve maximum efficiency in your CIGS buffer layer. We will work with you to select and customize the right equipment for your process from our full line of PV deposition equipment.

Production Equipment

The SprintFlex
Designed for free-span deposition of thin films up to 40cm wide (Pilot Production Scale)
The Orion Series
Designed for deposition of thin films on substrates 40cm to 2m wide (Production Scale)
The Horizon
Horizontal in-line sputtering system optimized glass substrates
The Horizon V
Vertical In-line sputtering system with turn around, optimized glass substrates
Mustang designs & manufactures custom systems to meet customer specifications.

Research & Development Systems

The Mini Solar
Designed for R&D or low volume production, the Mini Solar is available with a variety of deposition sources.
The Orion Complete
Designed for free-span deposition of multiple thin films up to 40cm wide. A great R&D solution, this unit has 7 multi-source deposition zones, allowing users to deposit all PV layers in a continuous roll-to-roll system.