Orion Complete

System Summary
The Orion-Free series is a modular deposition platform with an almost unlimited range of configurations. Standard roll handling and drive mechanisms are incorporated into customized deposition zones. Mustang’s open chamber design principals provides source configuration flexibility while enabling the rapid preventative maintenance cycles that make the Orion series one of the highest up time tools available for roll-to-roll deposition.

System Type

  • Roll to roll multi layer deposition platform

Optimized Coating Area

  • 200mm to 400mm flexible substrates
Technical Summary

Coating Method Options

  • Rotatable or Planar Magnetron Sputter Cathodes
  • Standard Power Configurations – RF, Pulsed DC, DC, AC and HIPIMS
  • Each Deposition Position can also be configured for the following deposition sources
  • Thermal Evaporation, E-beam, PECVD, Ion Source

Typical Applications

  • Complete CIGS Cell fabrication (Back Contact, Adsorber, Buffer and TCO)
  • Rapid R&D Process Optimization for multi layer web materials.