Tool Coating

Mustang Vacuum Systems manufactures a range of specialized, exceptional throughput and excellent repeatability PVD tool coating systems which may be equipped with multiple high rate, magnetically enhanced unbalanced magnetron sputter, HIPIMS or steered cathodic arc evaporation cathode arrangements for deposition and linear ion sources for substrate etch.

Process parameter, recipe handling and equipment control is undertaken by a fully integrated and reliable PLC / PC system with touch screen and remote access capability. Standard systems comprise multiple mass flow controllers which can be configured on the system to allow deposition in the controlled presence of a range of pre-selectable reactive and inert working gases including Nitrogen, various hydrocarbons, Oxygen / Air and Argon. Substrate temperature is selectable via radiant heating with thermocouple feedback control typically in the range 200°C up to maximum 600°C allowing deposition on temperature sensitive steel components as well as cemented carbides. Vacuum pumping options typically include diffusion or turbo-molecular systems with polycold units to increase pump-down speed in combination with rotary and roots blowers. The use of a 3-fold planetary rotation turntable aids coating uniformity whilst coating structure control and densification is achieved using D.C or A.C voltage biasing as standard.

Industrial scale turn-key recipes can be made available to customers for the following standard monolithic structured tool coatings :