Horizon 3D

Continuous In Line Load Lock Coating Systems

Horizon 3D

System Summary
Continuous in line small batch fast cycle coating systems for three dimensional parts was designed to simplify part handling and ease of automation in continuous manufacturing processes. Horizon 3D platform provides a number of deposition methods and part orientations with carrier size configurable and optimized based on each customer product size, shape and annual volume to ensure maximum productivity.

System Type

  • Configurable Multi Chamber Inline
  • Horizontal loading, atmospheric load lock system

Optimized Coating Area

  • Horizontal carrier static or continuous coating
  • 600mm to 1400mm Width
  • 400mm to 800mm Depth
  • Standard Top Down Deposition configuration
  • Optional deposition from bottom/up for selective area deposition.
Technical Summary

With a typical TAKT (gate valve interval) of 30 seconds Horizon system is ideal for integration and automation in line with injection molding operations or glass coating. Variable carrier size and deposition source solutions are built into the core high speed continuous in line design of the Horizon 3D.

Coating Method Options

  • Planar Cathode (DC, RF, AC, HIPIMS)
  • Rotatable Cathode (DC, RF, AC)
  • Continuous Thermal Evaporation
  • PECVD - MF AC Plasma

Typical System Dimensions

  • Length - 13’
  • Depth - 18’
  • Height – 9’

Typical Applications

  • Mobile Phones
  • AR / AF on Glass
  • Lighting reflectors
  • Cosmetics / decorative
  • Paint metal paint on plastics