This highly configurable product group specifically designed for medical instrumentation and bio compatibly coatings based on the industrial design features that has made Mustang Vacuum Systems successful across a number of industries.

  • Recipe driven industrial control platform with touch screen industrial PC interface.
  • Proven industrial system design for ergonomic maintenance and high uptime
  • High uptime solution utilizing tier 1 component suppliers with global support
  • Single or dual door design with integrated tooling to maximize production capacity

Deposition Source Options

Mustang’s systems can be configured to comprise either dedicated single deposition techniques or alternatively by combining deposition methodologies hybrid solutions with up to 8 different deposition sources depositing simultaneously or sequentially.


Planar and Rotating Magnetron Cathode

  • High rate unbalanced magnetron sputtering (DC, Pulsed DC, AC, RF)
  • High rate conventional / balanced sputtering (DC, Pulsed DC, AC, RF)
  • HIPIMS – High Impulse Magnetron Sputtering


Plasma assisted / enhanced chemical vapor deposition

  • Hot filament excitation, RF & mid-frequency (40kHz, 250kHz) bias
  • DC / AC linear glow discharge


  • Steered cathodic arc (rectangular or circular cathode arrangements)
  • Random cathodic arc
  • Thermal / Electron beam evaporation

Chamber Options

Mustang’s highly configurable solutions start with a chamber selection based on the number of sources and deposition temperature range up to 600°C. Up to 8 deposition positions can be configured with a range of deposition sources and power configurations with individually shuttered source options.


The below standard products are each highly customized. In addition Mustang has a significant number of custom tribological coating system solutions.

The Medical T600
Thin film coatings for medical industry traditional has been focused on surgical tools and cutting tools to ensure sharpness, and longevity . Standard coatings are now available for a wide range of applications to promote adoption by the body for implantable devices such as screws, plates or rods to support repair from traumatic injury as well as the advanced coatings required for joint replacement . Mustang is enabling manufactures of these cutting edge medical products to add coating capabilities to their existing manufacturing facilities improving quality and supply chain accountability.