Mustang Solar

Mustang’s industrial vacuum deposition systems are optimized for the unique challenges of the latest generation of thin film photovoltaics.

Utilization, Uptime, and Yield – Delivering truly high yield vacuum deposition systems requires the careful consideration of not only source utilization but optimizing preventative maintenance cycles and simple robust substrate loading. The largest impact on manufacturing throughput is scheduled down time. Production uptime is most severely impacted by the frequency of source material changes, substrate load and unload cycles and the time and resources to complete scheduled maintenance. Mustang Solar designs and engineers our systems to balance these factors to achieve unparalleled uptime and throughput.

Choose your CIGS application below:

Discover all of the solar deposition equipment Mustang Solar offers.
Systems for the deposition of the TCO (transparent conductive oxide) layer.
Systems optimized for the deposition of the absorber layer (Typically CIGS).
Systems designed for the deposition of the buffer layer (Typically CdS)
Systems optimized for the deposition of the back contact layer (Typically Molybdenum).

Next Generation

In addition to our CIGS and CdTe thin film deposition for the PV industry, Mustang Solar continues to drive industrial scale performance for the next generation of thin film PV materials.  We provide vacuum deposition solutions for both pilot and production scale manufacturing.  Mustang Solar routinely collaborates with customers to help select and optimize deposition sources, system architecture and manufacturing line optimization to ensure these latest technologies achieve the highest levels of uniformity and manufacturing uptime.