Superior Deposition Technology

Mustang Vacuum Systems specializes in Thin Film Deposition Equipment and processes. There are many terms for our technologies, including: Sputtering, High Impulse Plasma Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS), Physical Vapor Deposition or PVD, Vapor Deposition (including PACVD, PECVD), Vacuum Deposition, Vacuum Coating, Metallizing…

In sputter deposition, material is removed – as atoms or molecules – from a solid target by energetic ion bombardment and deposited as atomic layers on a substrate. With our superior technology, a UNIFORM thin film results.

Sputtering / PVD can be used with plastics, metal, or glass- on pieces utilized in almost any industry, to create tough-wearing and decorative coatings, with excellent results.

Some advantages of sputtering over some other coating processes are: low heat, better film adhesion and corrosion resistance, denser film quality, uniform film coatings over non-flat surfaces and 3-D substrates, and low material costs.


Mustang’s SP4™ Extreme Wear Coating

Mustang’s SP4™ Extreme Wear Coating is an industry leading hard wear coating, created with our proprietary Hybrid DLC technology. SP4 coatings resist wear, reduce friction, scaling and corrosion and extend the life-cycle of critical components in an almost unlimited range of applications.

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Glossary of Coating Technologies

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) – an environmentally friendly method of deposition of thin films, coating a substrate with a vaporized form of desired material.

Magnetron Sputtering – Atoms or ions are electrically ejected from a “target” and transferred to a substrate within a vacuum chamber

Cathodic Arc Deposition – material is vaporized from a cathode target and deposited to a substrate, through use of an electric arc.

Evaporation Deposition – material is evaporated and deposited to a substrate within a vacuum chamber.

High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering – HIPIMS / High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering, HPPMS – The use of high power densities in short pulses to sputter material onto a substrate.

Plasma Assisted / Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition PACVD – PECVD – process used to deposit thin films from a gas (vapor) to a solid on a substrate, via an inductive plasma.

Tribological Coatings – Wear Resistant Hard Coatings

Diamond Like Carbon DLC Coatings – “Diamond-like” hard, slick, wear-resistant coatings.