• Roll to Roll Substrates 200mm – 450mm wide.
  • Free Span or Drum Architecture
  • Ideal for Industrial Scale R&D or Pilot Scale Production.
  • 1-2 front side deposition sources – 0-2 Back Side sources

System Summary

The Sprint Flex is designed for a wide range of flexible roll-to-roll deposition processes, a full range of deposition sources and multiple substrate options, with precision single-side touch material handling. Free span roll-to-roll configuration is offered with deposition on both front and back side of the substrate in a single pass to provide maximum flexibility.

System Type

  • Roll to Roll Cartridge Style Compartment
  • Retracting Roll mechanisms and source compartment

Optimized Coating Area

  • Substrates 20cm – 40cm wide
  • 1 to 7 Cathode Configurations (4 front side, 3 back side)
  • Custom and Larger Substrate Options Available

Technical Summary

Configurable with up to 4 front and 3 back side deposition sources, the Sprint Flex offers independent recipe driven control over each source, including the ability to execute multiple passes with alternating materials. Substrate heating and pretreatment options such as ion bombardment, AC/DC/RF or plasma bombardment are available to optimize surface energy of substrates.The SprintFlex 40 offers customers a highly robust platform for scale up of process to flexible substrates, through pilot and low volume production.

Coating Method Options

  • Planar Magnetron Sputter, Co-Evaporation, Selenium, Thermal Annealing, Custom
  • DC, Pulsed DC, AC, RF & HIPIMS Sputter operation

Typical System Dimensions

  • 3.6 M (11’10”) Width
  • 3.9M (12’10”) Depth
  • 3.04M (10’0”) Height


  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Plasma Pre Treatment
  • Film Thickness Monitoring