System Summary

Mustang engineering team has been delivering custom vacuum deposition systems for over 20 years to accommodate special size or geometry problems. When standard tools are a compromise in either speed, quality or productivity, customized systems can have a dramatic value to our customers. Many of our custom solutions are variations or modifications to existing platforms speeding time to delivery.

System Type

  • Batch – single or multiple door to chamber
  • Roll to Roll Substrates

Optimized Coating Area

  • The specific deposition source required to meet the coating deposition requirements may have specific limitations on length of sources or uniformity boundaries.

Technical Summary

Chamber and system structure fabrication for all Mustang products is completed in our Sarasota factory. Having a deep and truly vertical design and manufacturing capability from chambers to sources allows our design team to be hands on in all aspects of fabrication, construction, assembly and test.

Coating Method Options

  • Mustang works with most commercially available vacuum deposition source manufactures and suppliers. We are constantly evaluating new sources and technology to meet the requirements of the next generation of coatings.
  • Mustang Vacuum Systems Inc. has a number of patented vacuum deposition sources which are used when appropriates or designs custom sources to solve specific technical challenges for a custom applications.


  • Custom Chamber Design and Fabrication
  • Custom material handling solutions to integrate to coating systems
  • In situ metrology and analytical process control solutions

Typical Applications

  • System dimensions are completely dependent on the substrate size and system style.
  • Mustang Vacuum Systems has experience with accommodating challenging spaces and designing enclosures to improve air quality, humidity or reduce contamination.