Wear Coatings / Tribological

Mustang’s proven industrial PLC and control software platform provides complete multi-source process control and monitoring for even the most complex processes.

This highly configurable product group enables a wide range of tribological process configurations and simplicity for upgrade or retrofit for future applications. The base system incorporates all of the industrial design features that has made Mustang Vacuum Systems successful across a number of industries.

Deposition Source Options

Mustang’s systems can be configured to comprise either dedicated single deposition techniques or alternatively by combining deposition methodologies hybrid solutions with up to 8 different deposition sources depositing simultaneously or sequentially.


Planar and Rotating Magnetron Cathode


Plasma assisted / enhanced chemical vapor deposition


Chamber Options

Mustang’s highly configurable solutions start with a chamber selection based on the number of sources and deposition temperature range up to 600°C. Up to 8 deposition positions can be configured with a range of deposition sources and power configurations with individually shuttered source options.



– The below standard products are each highly customized. In addition Mustang has a significant number of custom tribological coating system solutions.


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